Praise for The Take-Charge Patient

The Take-Charge Patient is an excellent resource for patients.  Comprehensive and thorough, it provides patients with informed checklists to ensure they get the best care possible. Patients who are actively involved in their healthcare realize better outcomes.”
 Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Bloomberg School of Public Health; Director, The Armstrong Institute of Safety and Quality, author of Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals

"Well Done! Want to learn how to do well in a dysfunctional medical system? Health advocate Martine Ehrenclou comes to the rescue, showing you how to go from being a "medical victim" to a "take-charge patient." It's time the medical system worked for YOU!"
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, best-selling author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, From Fatigued to Fantastic, Real Cause Real Cure andPain Free 1-2-3

"Entering today's medical system can be life-saving but also bewildering and dangerous. Take the guesswork out of your experience by letting Martine Ehrenclou be your guide. You will not find a better ally."
Larry Dossey, MD, best-selling author of Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine, and The Power of Premonitions

“Today’s American health care system is broken by anyone’s standards. Regardless of any payment system reforms or the institution of technologies, patient engagement is the only way true reform can commence.  Education is the foundation of participatory medicine and The Take-Charge Patient should be considered the Bible of the movement.  Ms. Ehrenclou’s book is written for easy understanding, with every topic a patient, caregiver, or advocate could think of. There are checklists which make organization of thoughts more simplified. Quotes from patients and health care professionals are sprinkled to give real-life viewpoints of difficult health navigational issues.  Regardless of one’s educational or medical experiences, this book will serve to assist anyone going to an initial doctor visit or facing a complex medical diagnosis.  Often in the course of reading this book I was prompted to remember specific patients and encounters.  I’m sure many a reader will experience the same.  And that is the true worth of this book: illustrations of things many of us have gone through, perhaps not as well as we could have if we read this book beforehand.  I applaud the author’s use of personal experiences both as inspiration and illustration.  She has a rare empathetic view encompassing patients, caregivers, and health care providers. I recommend that the government and every health insurance company give this book to their consumer/patients. Bravo, Ms. Ehrenclou.  I look forward to the educated, empowered, and engaged patient as a result of people reading this work.”
David Lee Scher, MD, FACP, FACC, FHRS

“Over the past 40 years, one of my major areas of research involved patient satisfaction and measuring quality of medical care. Achieving the best results and highest patient satisfaction is entirely in the hands of health care professionals.  How they practice medicine makes the difference.  So what role can patients play if they want to get the best medical care?  The answers are in this excellent book The Take- Charge Patient.  Martine Ehrenclou has provided very useful recommendations for people to maximize their chances of getting the best medical care they can. She bravely describes her own ordeal with a chronic pain condition that lead to a successful treatment only because she continued to search for answers. Utilizing the recommendations and patient safety checklists in this book is the best way to influence your doctor to treat you in the most appropriate way possible. Remember, it is the doctor who has the ability and the control to provide high quality of care and you need to influence him to make the effort to give you the best care he can.   
Larry Miller, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

“When we become patients, medical care can improve and even save our lives. However, that care can also cause harm. Some of the reasons include fragmented care and bad communication between patients and doctors, which lead to misunderstandings and mistakes. This useful book provides a roadmap to help patients to navigate the system and regain control. Martine Ehrenclou provides a balanced set of suggestions for things to do – and not to do – organized into common-sense categories and simple checklists. And she has road-tested virtually all of it herself, in the course of her own medical encounters. In something as complicated and important as medical care, everyone can use an advocate.  This book explains how you can become your own best advocate, and improve your chances to benefit from the care you receive.”
Albert W. Wu, MD, MPH, Professor and Director, Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

"The Take Charge Patient
is the second book in Martine Ehrenclou's incredible body of work. It masterfully assists us, once again, in knowing how to take care of ourselves medically in this very challenging world. Thank god Martine has written such a brilliant and powerful roadmap for our success."
Debbie Robins. M.A., best-selling author, Huffington Post blogger

"Consider this book, starting with the author's own harrowing medical odyssey, your healthcare GPS- an essential reference and toolkit filled with practical advice on navigating this country's complex medical system.  Put this at the top of your reading list because serious medical issues have a way of presenting themselves suddenly, leaving one like a first-time swimmer who's fallen into the deep end of a pool: treading water while desperately trying to keep one's head above water."
Zouhdi Hajjaj, MD

“This new book from an established author, and recently a successfully treated complex patient, is an important contribution from the enlarging community of patient advocates and provides everyone with core information on how to become a successful patient in today’s complicated health care environment. The Take Charge Patient is refreshing in how it advocates the establishment of strong interpersonal communication and relationship building as the essence for successful health care. Patients and health care providers all want the best of outcomes – this books helps everyone to learn how to make that happen by focusing on people-to-people interactions.”
Peter B. Angood, MD, CEO of American College of Physician Executives

“Martine’s insights in this book are invaluable. The strategies and recommendations provided are presented in an easy-to-assimilate style. This book should be mandatory reading for all patients, particularly those searching for a new physician, or facing the prospect of a major procedure or surgery.”
Daniel Wohlgelernter, MD

"Martine Ehrenclou has created the definite guide to personalized medical care. Her book encourages patients and medical providers to become advocates so together they can improve medical outcomes." 
Jack C. Rosenfeld, MD   

“In writing Take-Charge Patient, Martine Ehrenclou has produced the best practical step-by-step guide for patients and caregivers ever written. Martine’s story of her personal experience is not unusual. In 30 years of dealing with people of all ages suffering from injury and illnesses I have witnessed thousands of poor history taking, misdiagnosis, wrong treatment and lack of follow-thru and follow-up. The Take Charge Patient not only explains the medical treatment landscape but, in simple language, explains exactly what the patient must do to navigate the health care system. It isn’t “if” but “when” each of us will face this ourselves or in our family. The Take Charge Patient is probably the most important book you will ever add to your library. I will give this book to each client that I represent in regard to their personal injury case.”
Wayne Parsons, Plaintiffs Trial Attorney, Board of Governors American Association for Justice

“Martine's book helped me take action for my son's illness. By following her guidelines and creating a patient summary of all symptoms and medications he had taken to chart the course of his illness, I was able to assert myself in getting him seen more quickly and being taken more seriously. The doctors were very impressed with the patient summary and one even quoted my writing in her dictated report. Martine's book was a godsend. Following her lead has helped me feel more in control in dealing with the medical world. I now live in a place of hope instead of helpless despair.”  
Marlu Harris

“This newest book from Martine is exceptional and invaluable. This is the encyclopedia for ensuring the best medical care and the “how to accomplish it” for all non-medical people. Every ship needs a captain, but every captain needs a navigator. This book is the navigator for ensuring your health care needs are met. This book is the essential tool for obtaining and coordinating your care needs. Each chapter is focused on a specific topic and need that you can use immediately. Every family needs this book for helping aging parents, ill children and yourself. Don’t delay, get started now on this crucial course of action. I know I am.”
Jackie Koob, BSN, RN

"Martine Ehrenclou's strategies in The Take-Charge Patient are not just a 'must read', but a 'must do!' for literally all people who value their wellness. Having this tool in your toolbox will greatly increase your effectiveness."
Mardy Ross, Founder, Lumigrate: Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being

"As a health care provider for more than 30 years and a patient with several personal health crises, I believe that Martine Ehrenclou is right on with her new book, The Take-Charge Patient. Advocating for your medical care is essential. This book may save your life!"
Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein, OD, Former president, College of Optometrists, author of See It. Say It. Do It!



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