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Taking charge of yourself as a patient is essential in order for your doctors and other medical professionals to serve you in the way they know best. I wrote The Take-Charge Patient to teach people to organize and understand their own medical records, to prepare for medical appointments, and to advocate for themselves in order to obtain the most appropriate and expedient medical care. 

This Patient Toolkit contains 16 pages of helpful  and easy-to-use forms, questions, patient checklists, patient safety checklists, Medical ID card, and more, so  you can  start being a take-charge patient. The Patient Toolkit helps you be prepared and proactive with your medical encounters, whether you are seeing a doctor or nurse, having surgery, dealing with health insurance, are a patient in a hospital, and more. If you keep the Health Summary, Health History, and Medical ID Card current, you won’t have to scramble to gather information if you aren’t feeling well or are pressed for time. If you carefully study the checklists and questions, you won’t forget to talk to your doctor about something important. 

Your health care is a team sport. If you are proactive, involved and organized you’ll find that you can maximize the quality of your care as well as gain more respect from your medical providers. The Patient Toolkit helps you do that. 

(in PDF)

First Chapter
Check out the first chapter of The Take-Charge Patient.
It is a sample of the book for your use only.

 First Chapter of Book

Patient Checklists
Here is an example of one of the patient checklists. It is for your use to prevent
medication errors. In the book there are many of these for several situations,
including sample questions to ask your doctors.

 Patient Safety Checklist 1

 Patient Safety Checklist 2

Visit my Doctella Page

The below link takes you to my checklists and sample questions on Doctella.
Each can be customized just for you.

Download the mobile app to get my interactive checklists, forms and questions
on Doctella.
Simply type in “Martine” and you will be taken to my Doctella page! 


Create Your Medical ID Card
Your medical ID card is one of the most important tools in your toolkit.
As a take-charge patient, you must create a medical ID card.
You can download this free medical ID card
and simply write or type on it and slip it into your wallet.

 Medical ID Card

Patient's Bill of Rights (Affordable Care Act Changes)

Table of Contents

 The Take Charge Patient Table of Contents





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