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First Chapter
Check out the first chapter of The Take-Charge Patient.
It is a sample of the book for your use only.

 First Chapter of Book

Patient Checklists
Here is an example of one of the patient checklists. It is for your use to prevent
medication errors. In the book there are many of these for several situations,
including sample questions to ask your doctors.

 Patient Safety Checklist 1

 Patient Safety Checklist 2

Create Your Medical ID Card
Your medical ID card is one of the most important tools in your toolkit.
As a take-charge patient, you must create a medical ID card.
You can download this free medical ID card
and simply write or type on it and slip it into your wallet.

 Medical ID Card

Patient's Bill of Rights (Affordable Care Act Changes)

Table of Contents

 The Take Charge Patient Table of Contents



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